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37 years old
United Kingdom
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I have learnt anything is possible.

 Love is the key. Understanding love and truth are in direct alignment with each other is essential. With love we can create something absolutely incredible on a whole new level for earth and every single thing on it, and we could do it really quick if enough of us recognise this truth and live by it. I don’t look for anyone outside myself to do this, do it yourself, thus overcoming all levels of fear and doubt in one ultimately truth focussed moment / shift. Its about truly understanding and stepping into what i believe our test of many lifetimes is and that we, the people, are at a time when we are about to do something incredible as a collective species. I choose to do all i can to hold this vibration of love strong against the tide of the old world and the fear and greed habits and programmes, which are really engrained tight in alot of people still. But there has been a huge shift, and now is the time, after the 2012 energy shift, to really give it all i am in the direction of love for all things. Since i have committed to this more conscious life direction, ive really understood and felt the power of both karma and sense of purpose on a profound level and with that came a deep understanding of the connection between true human nature and our highest potential being both linked and based within a ‘love for all’ thought pattern. Its actually obvious and we all know this deep down and always have. It’s the highest version of ourselves that we can choose to be in this reality. We are connected with each other and all things, every single thought we have and choice we make directly affects our reality by prompting us to take actions based on these very thoughts. Choosing to harness this power of love as a species, creating a world that works for all, would see miraculous changes for us all and the planet, constantly….. forever. Love can unite us all, at the core of our beings. We can all still be as individual as we want from that core understanding and connection, which of course we will be. Every snowflake and grain of sand is unique. Nothing that exists is the same. This new way of being, in correlation with our technological advancements, will give birth to an advanced species of loving humans that then will enter into the new galactic age, for love is the key, the entrance into a new world, and world peace is the start point for that.

 With this understanding and thrust, myself and my angel girlfriend, aim to help contribute to world peace and do all we can in that direction with no fear, doubt or worry in our decision making process.

 We aim to build a community, where everybody is healthy and loves and has an understanding of what i am talking about. Harnessing the power of love from nature. I need as many brothers and sisters who hear my call now to do all they can to help this message of love for all.

 This is rainbow city. aims to remind as many brothers and sisters of the truth of the harness-able love energy through a few key areas;


It is predominantly focused on 4 main areas;

 1, On a true connection to nature through awareness of high vibrational foods that boost the body machine to the maximum whilst not harming anything in the process, but actually having a beneficial footprint, if even only a tiny bit, on the planet itself and therefore everything that lives on the planet. This is eating with love and being consciously aware of that, which is incredible for karma. It does mean dropping some serious habits and many addictions in most cases. Raw food veganism is that, its eating with love awareness in your heart at every meal. Love for yourself, all animals and the eart itself. Its highest vibrational. Knowing it’s not a diet, its a way of life, and understanding that every decision you make has an effect on this reality, and taking full responsibility as a human.

 This mixed with 2, regular yoga, which is a super healthy cleansing focused based feminine way to train. Ive trained a lot since a very young age and it has definitely had by far the most profound affect on me , beyond the physical. Yoga reflects your life journey. It’s a high vibrational form of self love that has a serious positive impact on all humans we have seen stick to it so far. And it gets better, quicker the longer you can focus on it. All forms of training if mixed with a healthy diet are expansive for the body. But we have found yoga to have a direct connection in and on our lives on a much deeper level.

 3, the power of focusing on impeccable positive thinking.

 4, recognising a law of the universe that is as potent as gravity but alot less obvious, called KARMA.

 These are the main aspects we base our relatable brand to, but its linked to a much bigger more beautiful picture of the truth of our reality.

 its the most exciting time to be on this planet...... ever.



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