Our Father Sun

The Sun is completing His term in this Density, the 3rd Dimension.
The entire Solar System is preparing for a Quantum Shift
into a higher Frequency band, which is a quickening
of the Vibratory Rate of all the Fields and Particles upon them.
Some who are in Human Form are Experiencing
an increased Awareness, their perceptions expanding
beyond the confines of 3D.
Everything is proceeding at an accelerated pace -
DNA is evolving rapidly, the interplanetary magnetic
field and Earth's magnetosphere are collapsing,
the ionosphere and heliosphere are shrinking,
and the Sun remains in its cycle minimum.
Mass extinctions and geologic upheavals are increasing.
The other Planets are experiencing Profound Changes as well.
Our Sun  is sending out the Message of Transformation, encoded in Light.
He birthed this Solar System into Materiality,
and it will return through him when the Cycle is over.
Exhale, inhale.
He is the Portal through which higher states
of Energy are transmuted to Lower Frequency Energies
and Matter, the Energy that sustains this 3D existence.

Energy is derived via your Sun, Sol/Ra, your Solar Deity.

This Knowledge, offered by Sol/Ra, is literally
the Energetic Thrust of Life to your planet and all its inhabitants.
It is your plants that capture this Energy via photosynthesis and
literally store it within their bodies with the purposeful intent of being your Source of Nurturance.

To Ingest this Light firsthand is your Purest Form
of Knowledge, straight from Sol/Ra.

Light is Knowledge -
you ingest Knowledge both Mentally and Physically.
Ingesting Physically reflects the use of the
Energetic Sources of Mother Earth as She offers
you Sustenance and Nurturing.
Ingesting Knowledge Mentally
From the Light Father Sun provides
Gives Us Facts to Expand on the Possibilities.

The Holy Trinity:

Father Sun

Mother Earth


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