Movies for Thought

Movies from all times and all areas are riddled with symbolism. In which the Director can use their influences upon your Consciousness. Used for Light or Dark, a movie can give you an Epiphany, or brain wash you into certain reforms.


There are a collection of brilliant movies that any Freedom Fighter should see through Opened eyes. 



 The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix Trilogy is three science fiction/action
films written and directed by Larry and Andy
Wachowski. It is a Modern interpretation of Plato's
Allegory of the Cave, expanded with a revolutionary
look of our Human fallibility to the Universe as a whole.

The Story of the Matrix trilogy is a wondrous one;
in fact the most wondrous of all stories as it is
the story of Human Enlightenment - the epic story
of Conscious Evolution.

Like all myths, this is a story that
carries its message wrapped in a metaphor.

Beyond the intensity of the sci-fi surface story,
everybody, looking from the perspective of virtually
any of the spiritual or philosophical traditions,
resonated with the story line ideas suggesting that
the world as we commonly perceive it, is - in certain
important ways - an illusion; therefore the intent is
to wake up!

Escaping the Matrix is a metaphor for the mystic
path to Enlightenment. It is the journey of Ascension,
to once again become the Divine Self, and return to
the Oneness of everything.


The Matrix Metaphor


Thomas Anderson,
Neo's given name
relates to 'doubting Thomas' in the
bible when he doesn't believe he is
the part of the Oneness.

Anderson means 'son of man'
which is a messianic title.

Meaning, The Son of Man doubts his Divinity (True Self).

Neo in Latin means "new". It's also an anagram of "ONE".
Not meaning the One, as in one savior, but ONE meaning
the ONENESS. The Infinite Consciousness.

The existence
of an Infinite Consciousness is the only Truth,
everything else is Illusion,
everything else is the imagination of that
Consciousness made manifest and experienced.

This is who we are, Eternal Energy Beings

Being Human is what we think we are.
We think we are the body that we see in
the mirror. But, Humans are a software program.

At the beginning of the Story, Neo is Awaken by a message
on his Computer:

Wake Up Neo.....

When we incarnate on Earth, we temporarily forget
the higher Truth of who we are. We are sleeping.


As Voltaire said:
"So long as the people do not
care to exercise their freedom,
those who wish to tyrannize will do so;
for tyrants are active and ardent,
and will devote themselves in the name
of any number of gods, religious and otherwise,
to put shackles upon sleeping men."

And, of course, first, you must
have sleeping men and women.
And that's what the
whole deal is about.

This scene is symbolic of one who is to awaken from the slumber
of forgetfulness.

Follow the White Rabbit:


The White Rabbit represents
temptation; a taste of something
beyond the ordinary,
with the promise of more to come.

It represents curiosity,
exploration, introspection,
and the questioning of reality.

The White Rabbit was introduced in
the book Alice in Wonderland,
in which is another metaphoric story
of the journey to Enlightenment
of our Divinity


The White Rabbit is a symbol of our inner consciousness--our own personal "primer" to be sure, which are waiting to guide us. 

Are we willing to believe them?  When we feel that "twinge" of excitement go through us, upon hearing a name, or pondering an option for learning, are we willing to give credibility to the invitation which asks:

  "Do you want to come with us to a club?" 

Or, like many of us do, will we habitually respond: 

"Sorry.  I have to go to work in the morning." 

Trinity - The Guidance of Love


Trinity is a representation
of the Christ Consciousness,
through the Sacred Trinity of Father Sun, Mother Earth and the Christ Child, which is YOU.

She is the representation
of the Pure Love (The Light)
that is needed to
infiltrate the Fear (the Darkness).

At the Club scene, Trinity says to Neo:

Please. Just listen. I know why
you're here, Neo. I know what
you've been doing. I know why you
hardly sleep, why you live alone
and why, night after night, you
sit at your computer. You're
looking for him.



She is talking about the search for Morpheus, the search for Truth.
This is symbolic of the Enlightened One on their journey of Ascension, and to do so, they search for Truth.

One that has incarnated to this Dense realm with the purpose of ascending their selves within it, has a destiny to find Truth, and with the Truth, break free of its chains of ignorance, and become their Divine Self, becoming limitless.



The Interrogation Scene:

Agent Smith within the first movie, is a "computer program" and an opposite, yet equal character to Neo's character. Along with Neo, Agent Smith is ignorant to his destiny, and bound by the system he was created within. 



The interrogation Scene is a symbolic representation of the Matrix's power, through Fear mongering to keep all of us ignorant to Truth. This is how the Matrix can survive and those within it prisoners.

This scene is not only a metaphoric representation of the Matrix, but also a prophetic look at the actual Matrix we live into today. If you look closely at Neo's passport within this scene, you will see that the expiration date is September 11, 2001. This is not a coincidence!



Larry and Andy Wachowski knew what was going to happen, and how they knew is a whole different essay. They made this date as the expiration, because this is a representation of the end of our Freedom as American citizens. If you think about it, we have become a police-state since 9/11.

The movie The Matrix, which was made in 1999, is not the only movie prophesying 9/11. There are many more, including "Long Kiss Goodnight" made in 1996.

Morpheus asks Neo how far "down the rabbit hole" he wants to go. I see this as a metaphor for expanding your existing awareness to incorporate new ideas. It’s a paradigm shift, and it’s present in classical philosophy as well as in Lewis Caroll’s original book.

Our life mission is to remember, to connect with
our innermost self, to Awaken, so that we may
transcend the Matrix.

After Neo learns the truth, with
the help of Morpheus's (Lawrence Fishburne) training,
he is able to overcome his misconception that the
Matrix is reality. Neo rebels against the machines that
create his false reality and, eventually, he escapes the limitations of the Matrix. To others, he has
developed superhuman abilities, but, "in reality,"
he has merely recognized the truth.

To become free of the matrix (dense reality), you must understand that we currently live in Darkness (Fear driven), in which we have all created from our ignorance of our Divinity. To release these bounds, we must raise our vibrations to that of the Light, so that the Darkness can be subsided.

Anyone who blindly accepts these prevalent, negative thoughts will have his or her life path dictated by the Matrix.

But those who recognize that it is our collective thoughts and beliefs that power the Matrix will recognize the way out.

The reality we perceive with our senses is not the true reality, but merely a small portion of reality, masquerading as the whole. But, unlike the "alternate reality" that Neo must extricate himself from, in our "reality," there is no need to rebel. Rather, our goal should be to transcend. We want to "be in this world, but not of it."

The outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs, whether individual or collective, which have been conditioned by our experience in the Matrix. Consequently, the Matrix is a learning environment, where we get feedback on how our thoughts manifest. Thankfully, our negative thoughts do not (typically) manifest instantaneously. Otherwise, we would risk the spontaneous destruction of our world by thinking negative thoughts.

Clearing yourself of negative energies through daily meditation can provide a direct link to the "ultimate reality," i.e., the pure consciousness residing within each of us. As your negative beliefs are purified through regular contact with the "light" of your divine nature, unhealthy emotions, such as fear and anger, will naturally begin to diminish, and you’ll be free to transcend to higher states of consciousness. You will "download" more of your own true self, while simultaneously and automatically attracting others of similar vibration.

Your world will become more synchronistic. You will repel angry, fearful people, and those who stick around will become calmer and more centered. You will radiate love. By simply being in higher consciousness, you will have a greater effect on the world than the most gifted orators and political leaders.

The higher your consciousness and energy are vibrating, the faster your thoughts will manifest. When you align with your innermost self, you are aligned more closely with the Source of all creation. At the apex of your individual consciousness, you are connected with The One. You then have at your disposal the entire universe to help you manifest the highest good for all.

In actuality, we are single points of awareness in the Oneness that is Reality. What we interpret as the physical world is the projection of this awareness, which is taking place in the Mind of God. We are, as Shakespeare pointed out, merely "actors" in a divine play.

When we wake up to this knowledge, the play does not stop. We are free to act or interact, in bliss and peace, unattached to the Matrix. We have within us the power to create "heaven on earth."


The Back Story - Our Universe

To understand the Real Matrix, you must understand
Our True Universe.

The Universe is as a Vast, Infinite Abyss
made of Vibrational Energy Forces of Consciousness,
creating through Sound frequencies and Geometrical
And We are Eternal Energy Beings created from all the
Forces of this Consciousness.
We are consciousness, we are
Energy. We are all one consciousness.

And We have all decided to experience a Lifetime
in a Human Host, much like an Avatar,
to a lowered dimensional physical plane,
full of limitations and boundaries.

Meaning, we have decided to participate within the
world of matter, so we may come to know our Divinity,
and over-come the boundaries of a limited matter-based

As the great Bill Hicks, the American comedian,
said (what a great man he was, great man!):

'All matter is merely energy condensed to a
slow vibration, we are all one consciousness
experiencing itself subjectively.
There's no such thing as death, life is only a
dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.'

The Real Matrix

In the movie, the Matrix is an elaborate
Artificial Intelligence computer simulation that's
so captivating that people mistake it for Reality.
People perceive they are walking about and
interacting with others, but their physical bodies
are actually submerged in fluid-filled pods,
"plugged into" the Matrix, while their vital
life force is harnessed to power the Matrix.

The Real Matrix can be defined as the third-dimensional
density world that we perceive, which includes the
physical world. It is the Time-Space continuum that has
been produce through matter.

It is a Holographic System, a Surrealistic Existence
made of Illusions which shapes your "reality" around
you based on your own feelings, fears, desires,
expectations, beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

Within this Matrix, there are countless
fear-based thoughts and emotions that condition
us to accept limitations.

This Fear cages your consciousness, and limits you
to what you may find. It CLOSES your mind, to only
follow and only believe what you are told.
We are taught that we have little power, and what
little power we do have, we are advised to delegate
to authority figures and experts.

Swimming in a sea of negative thoughts,
we are prompted to use our creative ability to
imagine even more negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts, Fear, Ignorance and Disharmony is the
"energy" in which the Matrix Feeds off us,
keeping the Matrix running. Making us the metaphoric
"Batteries" the movie represents.

Without introspection (Discovering our True Self),
the Matrix gets darker and more dense.
Creating a Lowered Vibrational Grid covering our
Energy Frequencies, within each Individual,
and upon the Earth itself.

This Lowers Your Natural Vibrations to the Oneness
of the Universe, and masks Your Super-Consciousness
abilities. Or simply put, your Divinity is trapped
within the illusionary bars of a matter-driven prison.

Escaping the Matrix is a metaphor for the mystic
path to Enlightenment. It is the journey of Ascension,
to once again become the Divine Self, and return to
the Oneness of everything.


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