The Power of Symbols



 Symbols are very powerful and can be extremely useful tools in the creation of your world. The Ancients understood the power of symbols and used them extensively in and out of their culture for protection, fertility, wealth, crop germination, death and birth rituals.

Naturally, the use of a symbol on an object for a particular task does not in itself bring about these conditions; consciousness must do that. However, using a symbol geared toward a certain thing can help consciousness to release and hone-in on the energy pattern necessary to bring about the desired manifestation.


Symbol of The Trinity


In this way, symbols are like road maps, leading the individual toward a desired goal. The road is not a real road with dirt and stone. The road, in this case, is energy. Energy, like a roadway, can twist and bend and connect two things together that normally would be difficult to reach, under current circumstances. These energy paths are effective because of years of use and from the inner construction of the Universe.

However the main governing factor for how well a particular symbol will work lies in its use over time. You see! The more a symbol gets used for a particular thing, the clearer the energy pathway will be. This increasing effectiveness through use explains why certain symbols were carefully handed down from father to son and from generation to generation. Each passing generation, utilizing the same symbol, built up a clearer energy pathway and the results derived, from that symbol, increased.


Symbol of The Pentagram - Male and Female United


You may be wondering how a symbol can open up an energy pathway that leads to a particular state and how energy can take you someplace substantial? Well, let's cover the later first.

Energy is no different than a physical road. In fact, at a sub-particle level that's all your physical roads are: energy! Hoards of Energy-Units bond together to form the physical road that you travel. You, who are energy, will walk down a road that is made of energy. The solidness of the road comes from the Energy Units' energy fields adding together.

Now, an energy pathway is just like our road. Except, in the case of the energy pathway, the Energy Units' numbers are less and are not as compact the physical road; so the solid quality is not there. You can't see it, or walk on it, or touch it! However, the pathway exists and your consciousness can follow it, consciously and unconsciously, just as easily as you walk down that physical road.

The symbol itself acts like a key that helps you to hone-in on that particular energy pathway. Normally you may miss this energy pathway, because you are unfamiliar with that particular aspect. For example, let's use the aspect love to illustrate it more clearly. A lonely person that feels unloved only feels that way because he, for whatever reason, can't find any love in his reality. It is not that his reality is without love, because all aspects exist within time and space at any given time.


Symbol of the Flower of Life (Sacred Geometry of Creation)


Rather, it is his inability to find the right energy pathway to lead his consciousness toward that condition. In this fictitious person's life, his loneliness is blinding him from seeing and following love. Now a symbol keyed to that particular energy pattern can help point out the way, by amplifying that aspect to a point where it can't go unnoticed any longer. Even unconsciously, a symbol can bring a needed aspect into focus, so that consciousness can go and begin to create that aspect.

Consciousness accomplishes this creating by taping into the energy pathway that the symbol brings into focus. It will siphon off some of the energy, on that path, and use that energy -- which already contains all the raw materials for that particular aspect -- to create that aspect within its reality. The more often consciousness dips into this energy stream, the more easily consciousness can tap into it.

Eventually, using our example of love, the lonely man will learn how to keep the energy of love flowing into his reality, without even using the symbol. As you can see, the beauty part of the whole system lies in this lessening dependency, on the symbol, as time goes on. A person, using such a device, needs that device less as he learns how to tune-in to that energy pattern.


Symbol of The Feminine Principle

The symbol itself unlocks this energy because of the history and use connected with it. If a person in ancient Greece decided to use, let's say, a square, to help him to acquire the craft of pottery and passed that symbol and its meaning on to others -- so that the symbol was now being used over various time periods -- an energy conduit would be set up.

The ancient Egyptians and the modern day potter would both be connected to the same energy pathway, despite being separated by lifetimes and years. This spreading, of the use of a symbol over time, adds a great deal of power to that symbol -- not to mention the advantageous ability to allow the modern potter to psychically linkup with the ancient. Remember! The energy pathway is the same for the ancient as it is for the modern potter.



What you wind up getting is various peoples using that symbol for the same purpose stretching over the reaches of time. The energy from all of these people, tapping into the energy path, will add to the energy already existing in the energy pathway. The energy pathway will become greater than the sum of its parts and fill with the cumulated knowledge of all the peoples using it. Now each person, no matter where they may be on the timeline, can take advantage of thousands of years of energy and experience.

Realistically, however, for this kind of thing to work, a symbol must be used over a great period of time and by many peoples. It is not enough for the ancient to use it and the modern day man not to. The pathway must be used on a, more or less, continual basis or the energy associated with that symbol will begin to fade.

Remember, the more a pathway gets used the more efficient the energy pathway will be in reaching its desired goal. The most powerful symbols reach backward and forward in time as much as 10,000 years. Today there are many -- still powerful -- ancient symbols that you can use, as well as some new ones that society is now fabricating. Many of these new symbols will reach into the future, for future generations to use, to help them to create their world.




You can find some of these symbols here and there on this website and there are also many books written contain all the symbols you would ever need to use. Look for books on the occult, astrology, ancient biblical works, and magic, to get a hold of some symbols to use. What is important is that the symbol feel right to you.

When you see the symbol it should invoke an inner need for you to carry it or use it. This feeling of need is a sure sign that you need what that symbol can give you.


These symbols make a Story, the cross with three rings, along with the star of David, the Dove, the Christ (Jesus), the spiral (looks like a snail), the water and the kingdom of heaven at the top circle:

This is saying to you, Through the Tree of Life (the circles and the cross), you (the Dove, which means Human) becomes the Christ through Enlightenment (the Star of David meaning the balance of duality, the snail spiral meaning the ONENESS, the water meaning Knowledge, and the Kingdom of Heaven meaning becoming the Divine Self.)


Using the symbol can be even easier than finding it. All you have to do is to carry the symbol with you or affix the symbol to something that you wear often, like a necklace or a pendant. A card, with the particular symbol draw on it, carried in your wallet or purse, will work too. Ancient talismans were little more than a piece of parchment scribed with various symbols, to help the individual get what he or she wanted.

You will know when a symbol accomplishes its purpose because you will no longer feel the need to have it with you. When that time comes, put the symbol away for future use, or you can give it to another person to use.

The energy that you've added to that symbol can go on to help someone else, if you so desire. An object in the shape of the symbol, or with a symbol scribed on it, can become a very powerful device after it passes through several people. Each person utilizing that device, for that same purpose, will enhance the effectiveness of that device and add to the energy pathway.



 Dark Symbolism



Our Dark Brethren (also called The Illuminati)
uses the All Seeing Eye symbol to reflect to us all,
that they have received the Knowledge of Gnosis.
Unfortunately, they use this Knowledge for the
means of Darkness that is ushered onto our Mother Earth.
They do this by Placing the All Seeing Eye
within a Pyramid (The Dark Mentality)
Placing the "All Seeing Eye in a Pyramid" within
everything they create, gives them the Power of the Dark,
and in placing these symbols onto the Mainstream,
it reflects into our Psyche their Dark Power.
Recognizing this and becoming Aware
of the intended signal of Darkness,

                         allows you to transcend the Darkness of the Symbol.





The All Seeing Eye is just one example of the symbols they use to influence their Dark Energy onto us. They integrate these symbols in corporate logos and in buildings made throughout the Country. Dispersing their Dark Intentions on Us. 

Here is video to give you an awakening to this Integration.





The Esoteric Agenda




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