Activating Your DNA


Imagine if you woke up one morning
and realized that you had dormant Superhuman abilities
that were waiting to be unleashed.

This is your Divine Being in Action.
Re-membering your Divine Self through DNA Activation,
is one step in Ascension, which is the path to Returning yourself
to your True Self, your Divine Being.

Once you Activated these abilities,
you could manifest anything you desired in your life,
live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body,
become immune to all disease, even reverse the aging process.

Imagine if you realized that you could actually
change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable
you to expand your creative potential, provide
access to your subconscious mind, and become
intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly
what your purpose is in life.

There is now a process which will allow you
to do all these things and more, and it is
called DNA Activation.



What is DNA Activation?

Most people know that DNA is the 'blueprint of life'
and is located in every cell of the body.

In addition to each chromosome 2 strand double helix
of DNA, there are an additional 10 etheric strands
of DNA available to each Human, which have been
dormant since the beginning of recorded history.

Each additional strand possesses attributes
that permit the individual to perform greater
human accomplishments. Scientists acknowledge that
we currently only use 3% of our current 2 strand DNA.

Thus we live in a society where people are sick, unhappy,
stressed out, create wars, have difficulty experiencing
love, and are totally disconnected with the Universe.

Most people have to meditate for many years
just to have a so-called 'mystical' experience,
that's how disconnected we are now.

Imagine activating 100% of your 2 strand DNA,
plus 10 additional strands. You will go from using
10% of your brain to becoming a multi-dimensional being
with psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities
beyond anything you've ever dreamed of.


Plus, you will stop the aging process and actually
start to rejuvenate to look and feel younger.
This is the Original Divine Blueprint what
man used to be.

It has been written that Yehsua (Jesus)
had 12 strands of DNA activated.
Your DNA is your blueprint of life and is what
controls every single function inside each of
your cells. If you change your DNA, you really
will change your life.



How does the Earth affect our DNA Activation level?



 We are directly connected to Earth and exist
as part of the Earth. Like a baby that is in
their mother's womb, the body of the mother is
actually the outer body of the baby.

So anything that happens to the mother forms
an energetic imprint and affects the child.
For example, if the mother smokes or drinks
alcohol during the pregnancy, this goes directly
to the child and forms imprints, which may
manifest as physical birth deformities or
genetic problems which eventually
manifest into physical disease.

So it is the same thing with the Earth and us.
The Earth is OUR outer body.
This is why it is called Mother Earth

Our morphogenetic field (form holding blueprint)
exists as part of the larger morphogenetic field
of the Earth. If something happens to the Earth's
Energetic Grids, then we inherit these problems
into our own grids.


 Our Energetic anatomy is exactly like the Earth's,
with chakras, meridians, axiatonal lines, and DNA.

Our 13th chakra is actually one we share with the
Our Mother Earth and exists at the Earth's core.
So if a cataclysm happens with the Earth and
it pokes a hole in the Earth's grids, then what
happens is that "hole" is poked into every
person's DNA on the planet.



DNA and Ascension



We are in the middle of an Ascension Cycle,
The Great Shift of Consciousness, which is literally
a time continuum shift.

From now through 2012, the planet is going through
this time continuum shift, which only happens once
every 25,556 years (called a Euiago cycle).

What is happening is that the particles that make
up the Earth's auric field are speeding up in
pulsation rhythm to prepare for this shift into Ascension
from The 3rd Dimension to the 4th Dimension.

Since the particles that make up the Earth's
auric field are speeding up in pulsation rate, and
we exist as part of the Earth's auric field, the
particles that make up our own auric
fields must also speed up.

This is happening now through 2012.
This means that one must have at least 4 strands
of DNA active to make the shift into the 4th Dimension.

Our Evolution is directly and intimately tied to the Earth's.

And the actual purpose of the Angelic Humans
(The Enlightened Ones) is to assist the Earth with what
is happening now.



This is Why We Are Here.

Because by raising our own frequency and bringing
more light into our fields by DNA activation,
when enough people do this and it meets "critical mass",
this will actually reset the distortions in the
Earth's grids so that we can all ascend together in 2012.

All Masters that have come, and are here,
and will come know about DNA Activation and
Spiritual Evolution does not happen without it.



To activate your DNA

all that is necessary

is the

Intention of Doing So.

That's it.



DNA Activation and Manifesting


Once you activate your DNA, it's like you get a
DSL connection to the mind of everything
(return to the ONENESS), and can access anything
you want just by using your intent and intuition.
When you bring more light into your field,
which is what DNA Activation does,
you increase your Frequency.

So you attract people, places, events, and things
of a similar high frequency. Which means business
contacts, clients, money, etc.
Manifestation starts by being able to hold an image
in your mind of what you want and then blowing
that out into the Void.

Everything Manifests from the Void.

DNA Activation activates the strands that allow you
to travel out into the Void and effectively
'hand deliver' your desires to the Creator.

In actuality, you become your Higher self (Divine Self),
and whatever you think of Creates, so BE CAREFUL of
what you think of.



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