Our Mother Earth


Within the State of Oneness

Mother Earth, Gaia,
Your beloved Emerald Planet, is Herself a sentient being also
experiencing this Elevation of Frequency.

Through Her movement and Her growth into a higher and finer
Frequency to that of Fourth Dimension, as an inhabitant of
Her body in this demonstrable reality, you experience
Her movement, Her moods, Her cleansing and exaltation.

In other words, you feel Her Energies directly and with very Personal Resonance.

However, Her Experience is not your Experience, but an influence of your own Experience.

She is heading toward Her Ascension in the year 2012 and as inhabitants upon Her Sacred Body,

You are also moving in that same direction at that same pace.


However, the Pace, in its Oneness, is also very Individualized.
The pace at which each of you is expressing is unique unto
you and your personal progression.
Your progression acts as somewhat of a barometer of
your Co-Creation with Her.

Simply put, your level of Vibratory Rate is registered upon your
creation by how you experience yourself within
Her movement.

She is speeding with great purpose
and intent to a greater expression of Herself and so are YOU.

But not all beings are moving in synchronicity with Her.

Some are dragging their feet, thereby feeling their resistance and pain, others, many of you reading this, are keeping up, relatively speaking, and feeling less of a contrast.

In these Accelerated Times, however, the opportunity exists to notice the difference in Vibratory Rate.

And if you are not ready to process your own Acceleration (Ascension), you will notice that condition by becoming Out Of Balance and Off-Centered.


This will translate to Agitation, Impatience, Aches and Pains, bursts of Rage,
the sense of overwhelm and generally a malaise in your Being.

So as a result of your Experience of Resistance, whether conscious or
default, you definitely notice the speeding up of time and the
speeding up of your Earth.

You Experience this variance of Vibratory Rate as exaggerated contrast.

On the other hand, gaining Synchronicity with Gaia through personally Accelerating your own Energies, will render ease and only the slightest
of contrast.

It will become a Dance, a rhythmic interaction of Oneness.


By degrees, your eyes Open and See, as You have not remembered Seeing for Millennia.

You are returning to the Oneness.

But there are still stringlets of Fear, aspects of your Consciousness that remain locked in the Darkness of your Forgetfulness.

Daily meditation will provide for you a means to allow for the Freedom of opening to the fullness of the Silence and Peace within You, that ever-expanding Realization of your Eternity (Immortality).

The chatter of your Everyday Mind (Ego),  the mind that harbors Fear, 
will fill your thinking to exclude those peaceful renderings
of the God (Self) you are.
Just Relax and be purposeful in your intent and Meditate.
Ascending with Our Mother Earth
So, what will it require for you to resonate with
the Accelerated time?
What actions can you take to achieve this Freedom
and ease and the clarity of your own gentle passage through
the tunnel of Ascension with Gaia?
You who are reading this are already taking steps for your Growth.
You are Awakening to your Creatorship, your Divine Essence and your Understanding of Yourselves as God (Self).

In your Awakening, you are becoming Aware of the tremendous contrast that you have experienced for eons, but that is just recently coming into your Conscious Awareness.

You are Re-membering who YOU ARE and in doing so, are opening yourselves to the release of Fear.

You are essentially Awakening to the Light Worker within You.

Caring for your bodies in a fashion that illuminates their progression to
the Light is vital.
What is required here is to recognize that your Bodies are Light and it
is only Fear, the Darkness that holds them in a slower and denser Vibration.
                       As Gaia raises Her Vibratory Frequency,                       
  You are Destined to do so as well.

 She is doing so by aligning to Her Light.  
That would be your methodology as well. Align to the Light 
within and respond to that Light.
Light moves - You move.
Light is Knowledge you ingest Knowledge
both Mentally and Physically.
What I mean by mental Knowledge is not facts,
for facts are those aspects of information that can serve
to outline limits. Ingesting Knowledge uses facts to
expand on the Possibilities.
So open to Potential and seize Opportunity.
Ingesting Physically reflects the use of the
Energetic Sources of Mother Earth as She offers you
sustenance and nurturing.

Energy is derived via your Sun, Sol/Ra,
your solar Deity, your Father Sun.

This knowledge, offered by Sol/Ra, is literally
the Energetic Thrust of Life to your planet and all its inhabitants.
It is your plants that capture this Energy via photosynthesis
and literally store it within their bodies with the purposeful
intent of being your source of nurturance.
To ingest this Light firsthand is your purest form of Knowledge,
straight from Sol/Ra.

You can also ingest Knowledge Emotionally
by your pure and directed focus upon Love,
that the Laws of the Universe allows that you Exist at all.

It is in your Purest Nature to Love, to be Love,
to extend Love, to abound in Love.

Gratitude and appreciation render you known
unto yourself, render you Self-aware and Self-conscious.

They are your shining Lights to your
Re-membrance of yourselves as God (Self).



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