Raising Your Vibrational Frequency



Everything in the Universe is created from the pure light electrons known as the "Body of God" (the Source).

These electrons make up the atoms of the physical world. The geometrical design and the speed of action around the central core (plus other factors)  determines the type of atom and its rate of vibration.

Planets, people, animals, plants, trees all emit a certain rate of vibration. The denser the vibration level the lower it is in the light spectrum.


Levels of Density (Heaviest is the lowest in the light spectrum):

    Mineral Kingdom - Heaviest density
    Plant Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom + Lower vibration level Human
    Higher Vibration Level Human
    Light Body
    Soul Body
    Archangels and Ascended Masters
    Leaders of the Spiritual Hierarchy
    Universal Gods
    Absolute Godhead - Purest light Source

The understanding that everything in the Universe is energy and that all energy is at different levels of vibration and frequency, indicates that all planets and their inhabitants vibrate at different levels. Mother Earth is a third dimensional planet with forth and fifth dimension activity in progression. Currently the beings on the planet Earth are estimated to be 60 percent in the third dimensional plane, thirty five percent in the forth and five percent in the fifth.

Mother Earth is currently going through a dimensional ascension, moving from third to fourth with the goal of being in the fifth. For individuals to shift with the planetary ascension, they must individually focus on raising their vibration / frequency level. Each dimension has seven planes. As vibration levels are raised (by releasing all blockages in the physical, emotional and mental bodies) the shift in frequency uplifts the person to the higher planes. To fully evolve into the fifth dimension the person must open up to unconditional love, expand his/her inner light quotient, be fully forgiving under all circumstances and not generate negative (harmful)  thought patterns.

provide detail information on the Universal Laws and meditation processes that help you release blockages from the cellular levels and raise your vibration levels. The Merkaba meditations activate your higher Chakras and expand your light quotient. A person's vibration / frequency level is indicative of their inner light capacity. The lower your vibration / frequency the less light capacity you can hold in your system. The higher vibration levels allow you to expand your inner circuitry to receive the higher capacity electrons, which expand your inner light quotient.

Raising of frequency can be done by anyone. In addition to the personal benefits gained by vibrating to a higher frequency are the profound effects produced in the world and all life forms. Each person who shifts higher affects the entire planet, as all of life is lifted along with them to a certain degree. This is the way that World Peace can be achieved. It is already happening in many ways naturally as the vibration of the Earth is being raised in preparation for the Ascension into the Golden Age (the Great Shift of Consciousness) which is the Shift every religion has predicted will occur. According to the Mayan calendar, it is scheduled to take place in the year 2012.




Ways to Raise your Vibrational Frequency

1. Purify your body

Toxins lower your energy and your vibration, so if you can, remove cigarettes, alcohol, animal products, refined foods, pesticides, and smog/pollution from your life.  Instead, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and try to buy organic wherever possible.  Live where the air is fresh and people aren’t blowing smoke at you.


2. Meditate 

Meditation will raise your vibration.  When you quiet your mind it gives Source an opportunity to reach you.  All you have to do is listen.  You don’t have to chant and sit in a funny position that will cause your feet to fall asleep.  Just sit in a chair or lie in your bed, take some deep breaths, do a visual meditation or just quiet your mind.  Start asking questions and see if you hear any answers.


3. Practice compassion 

When you genuinely and compassionately help others you automatically raise your vibration.  There have been times when you've gotten some bad news, or you're upset, or someone has called you a demeaning remark, and your energy is temporarily lowered.  But you will learn that when you are practicing compassion, you find out the best way for you to break out of the negative is to remember how blessed you are and help someone less fortunate than yourself.


3. Start a Journal

Instead of writing what you do each day like a laundry list,  use a journal to explore your own personal growth.  Self-discovery is awesome!  It definitely raises your vibration.  When you know that you are the only one in the world who will read your journal then you feel safe to explore your own psyche.  You can learn a lot about yourself through journaling.  Once you get going you might even be able to channel messages from your Higher Self. And the best part is you have a written record that you can actually search through when you want to find something you wrote years ago.


4. Focus on Love

It can be anyone or any thing that you love.  Not feeling so happy with your significant other right now?  That’s okay – we’ve all been there!  Write about your cat.  Or your new car, or your old car, or your pretty wall paper, or your new desk chair, or your favorite pen, or the fact that it’s Spring, or that it’s snowing outside, etc.  Love is an emotion and the more you feel it, the more you will bring things to love into your experience.  So love what you love and love that you love it.


5. Get out in Nature

Go barefoot in the grass, sit under a tree, feed the birds, smell flowers, listen to a waterfall or waves crashing against the shore.  There’s something about nature that lifts our vibration.  It’s the connection with millions of other living things that nature provides.  The vibrations offered by plants and animals in nature are so pure, so unassuming.  The tree you sit under might by hundreds of years old while the flowers have only been up a few weeks.  Most things in nature co-exist peacefully.  There’s no competition, no worry, no doubt; just the basic assumption that all is well.  Spending time with these beings of nature will help you pick up on that vibration.


6. Exercise

Walk, run, swim, jump up and down. Sometimes we just need to get our blood flowing.  Exercise of any kind, whatever you like, will energize you on all levels, including your vibrations.  If you have some sort of medical condition where exercise is impossible, do whatever you can to shake up your Aura.


6. Listen to Upbeat Music

Practicing music, if you’re at all musically inclined, works wonders.  Just be sure to keep it upbeat and positive – remember, this is supposed to raise your vibration, so no tearjerkers or anything remotely sad. Listen to your favorite music that is upbeat and inspirational for yourself helps raise your vibration. The best way to use sound to increase your Vibrational level is the use of Solfeggio Harmonics.


Create your own “vibrational lift” list. You know what works for you and I have to say that after creating this list, the vibration level is at a pretty high level right now.  Just thinking about feeling good and ways to feel good will make you feel good.


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