You ~ The Christ Child

 Our Bodies are born and Sustained
on the Material Plane of our Mother Earth,
as our Father Sun breathes Life into our Creation(s).
                           Without the Light and Energy given by Father Sun,
Mother Earth could not give birth to all her Children.
She would be barren.
Without the Sustaining Physical Realm of
Mother Earth, there would be no Children
Created from our Father's Light.
 He would be childless.
Inside each of Us is a
Womb of the Unity Consciousness. 
It Lives within Our High Hearts.
Awakened within this Consciousness makes
The Anointed One, The Christ.
The Christ Consciousness
is the Unity of Us All, as our True Divine Self,
Becoming the ONENESS for
the purpose of Love.
And this is what Yeshua (Jesus) was 
trying to Teach us, while he was
incarnated over 2,000 years ago.
It is now the basic responsibility of all
Enlightened Beings traveling on this Human
Adventure to Listen closer to
what is going on around them.
When you use the senses gifted to you by
the Creator, you bring an even greater clarity
unto both your individual and cosmic journeys.

The plight of Mother Earth
and the Connecting Forces used to bind together
the great Energy of Father Sun,
Creating the Christ Child in all of Us.
To Establish the Christ Consciousness
within you, you must search the healing part
of your Heart’s Core Energy.

It is Seeing through the Wisdom of your Heart Energy,
and Feeling the Female Energy of Mother Earth
and the Male Light of Father Sun.
Imagine that this beautiful Female Energy,
coupled with the Masculine Sense,
was in some way guided by the
Inner Divine Self of pure Love.
Hold this Vision as it is held in your own Light.
Let the Beauty of Mother Earth and
the Guardianship of Father Sun
be joined by the Christ represented
by US as our True Divine Self
tones in Unified Vibration from their Hearts
and yours,
Creating the Sacred Trinity 
This Trinity Completes Itself in You.
You are the Holy Child – the orgasmic dream,
the ecsta-seed of Father Sun and Mother Earth.
You, the Human Being.    

The Dove of Destiny.



Let this cause the Human population
of the World to feel the Love of
The Source/The Oneness.
Even if for only a moment, my friends,
can you imagine the Ripple Effect?

It is no stretch of the imagination to see
how poorly the Earth inhabitant has
mistreated the Soul Energy of both Earth and Sky.
Know that by the simple act of Choice,
WE can and will make a difference.

When all can envision the healing of something so Great,
they will be able to see the Healing of the Self.
In that, the Creator will celebrate the healing of the
"I AM" in the "ALL" that exists.
Mother Earth/Father Sun is but a metaphor
for all that is Physical and
all that is Nonphysical,
or for the Beauty of the Seen
and the Mystery of the Unseen.

He meditates upon the Earth, but prays to Heaven.
She revels at Home, but Dreams of being elsewhere.

They live in Separation, but acknowledge Unity.
We gather as Many, but speak as One.

You will see that separation is only an Illusion,
just as Fear is only an impulse.
Becoming the Christ
Your Christ Self does not descend below the level
of your identity body, and thus it is up to you to
Raise your Vibrations and Awareness to that level.

 To develop the ability to focus your Awareness
on the Higher Part of your Being and on the Spiritual Realm.
Yeshua (Jesus) talked about the importance
of attuning to your Divine Self when He said:

    But seek ye first the kingdom of God (The Source/Oneness),
and his righteousness (All that Is);
and all these things shall be added unto you
(You become your Divine Self).
-Matthew 6:33
In order to hear your Christ Self,
you may also have to Silence the loud
voice of your Ego that seeks to overpower
your Christ Self or seeks to rationalize
away your Intuitive Insights.
In fact, your Ego is constantly trying to set itself
up as the ultimate authority in your Life,
a position that should be occupied by
your Divine Self.
The Ego does this by setting up certain Beliefs
as being infallible, thereby creating
a mental box (Matrix)
around your mind.
So many people dare not look
beyond their Matrix of Illusion
to hear the Voice of their Christ Selves.
The Christ Self is ALWAYS seeking to lead you
outside ANY mental box and thus it challenges
the “infallible” beliefs of the Ego.

As you follow the Spiritual Path,
you gradually put on the mind of Christ,
meaning that you gain the vision and discernment
that empowers you to see through the many illusions
created by the mind of Anti-Christ.

This helps you reclaim the Purity
of your four lower Bodies
from the selfish Beliefs that cause your Suffering.

It is through the Mind of Christ
that you can take dominion (Become Free),
first over your four Lower Bodies,
and then over the Material Realm.

You will then be
“As Above, So Below, As Within, so Without”
meaning that your I AM Presence can now
act through your Lower Being. Your sense of Identity
in this World reflects your Spiritual Individuality,
anchored in your I AM Presence.

Return of Jesus the Christ

In Revelations,
to complete the Revelation
on Mother Earth for this Era,
the Return of the Jesus is emanate.
But, this is not to be taken Literally.
It the Christ Consciousness of the Oneness that is Returning.
It is Our Christ Self Awakening and Us Re-membering our Divinity,
in turn, raising the Vibrations of Mother Earth.
    The Coming of the Christ Consciousness will be Worldwide.

 "For as the lightning (inception that The Christ is in US ) comes from the East (from the ancient texts) and flashes to the West,
so also will the coming of the Son of Man (The Awakened Ones) be."
—Matthew 24:27

 "Then the sign (The Third Eye) of the Son of Man 
will appear in heaven (Awaken to the ONE), and then all the
tribes of the Earth will mourn, (Ego-driven resistance) and they will see
the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven (as Divine Beings)
with power and great glory."
—Matthew 24:30

    "And He (the Christ Consciousness) will send
His angels (The Enlightened Ones)
with a great sound of a trumpet (A Triumphant Call)
and they will gather together His elect (Us)
from the four winds (Four corners of the Earth),
from one end of heaven to the other."
—Matthew 24:31

All of these passages are talking about
the Ascension of Man to their Divine Self
within the Great Shift of Consciousness,
to become the Christ, and becoming the ONENESS.


    The Resurrection of the Righteous will occur.
 "For the Lord Himself (Our Divine Self)
will descend from heaven (Take a Body)
with a shout, with the voice of an archangel ,
and with the trumpet of God. (with the Tools of Enlightenment) 
And the dead (Slumber) in Christ will rise (Awaken) first."
—1 Thessalonians 4:16

 "Then we who are alive (as the Divine Self) and remain
shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
to meet the Lord in the air. (Becoming ONE)
And thus we shall always be with the Lord. (The Source)"
—1 Thessalonians 4:17